Who Is Owen Lewis

‘Owen Lewis is a visionary for our times.’

Although a lot of people coming for hypnotherapy appointments may be apprehensive about what may take place. Many attending for appointments with Owen leave with expectations exceeded, discovering that they depart with more than just their stated aims realised but have gained new learnings and discoveries.

Master Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner, Owen is happy to share his story how his journey to gain these skills had begun from less happy times. With a wealth of previous experience from UK and International public-sector administration and a range of social work supporting and protecting vulnerable children and families. However, this turned to an experience of deep depression which culminated in, Owen needing to leave a career of over ten years.

Finding his way to benefiting from NLP therapy and then immersing himself within NLP and Hypnotherapy training. Owen discovered that when supporting and gaining transformation for others in this way he had discovered his true purpose and alignment with his values.

As he journeyed further to gain mastery within his skills, he has discovered an effective insight into building happiness. Looking back to understand how his previous experience was just a product of his thought. This perspective has led Owen to develop a strong means of supporting clients to move to create their full potential.

Owen Thank You So Much!! I never expected to get the depth of clarity that I now have of spending 30 minutes with you. Thank you for the space you provided me to be with where I am an allow my future to unfold within myself in such a freeing empowering way that I can now take action on. What a blessing and gift this session was for me today’
Client quote – March 2017

When not running his business, Owen enjoys singing with a choir as well as keeping fit and active training for marathons and walking in the Peak District. He also supports a local charity.

Owen is happy to work with individuals or small businesses and organisations to develop change. His strong specialism and interest is in working from his grounding and supporting change from, low mood, depression, anxiety and poor self-esteem to one of full potential happiness and freedom. However he enjoys supporting a full range of need that is too long to catalogue here. Owen is always happy to have an informal conversation to discuss your needs and how he can help change your life for you.